Mutual Fund

Mutual fund is a type of professionally managed Investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. The collected fund is then invested in financial instruments such as Stocks, Bond/Debentures, Government Securities, and Fixed Deposits (as prescribed by Mutual Fund Regulation, 2067). Such investment decisions are made by a Fund Manager. Returns from the investment are shared proportionately among the investors on the basis of the units held by them. The rationale behind a mutual fund is that there are large numbers of investors who lack the time and the skills to manage their money. Hence professional fund managers, acting on behalf of the Mutual Fund, manage the investments (investor's money) for their benefit in return for a management fee. Mutual Fund is suitable investment vehicle for the small investors as it offers an opportunity to invest in a professionally managed diversified basket of securities at a relatively low cost.

Mutual Fund in Nepal is regulated by Securities Exchange Board of Nepal. Mutual Fund in Nepal can be issued, supervised and managed only by entities/individuals fulfilling the criteria led in Mutual Fund Regulation, 2067 and as authorized by SEBON.

Laxmi Capital Market limited is the Fund Manager and Depository of Laxmi Value Fund I, the sixth Mutual Fund scheme and also the Fund manager and depository of Laxmi Equity Fund which is listed as the eleventh mutual fund scheme under Laxmi Mutual Fund in nepal.

Laxmi Value Fund-I (having a specified duration of 5 years) is a closed-end scheme with base size of NRs. 500 Million (Matured), Laxmi Equity Fund (having a specified duration of 7 years) holding the base size of NRs. 1.25 Billion and Laxmi Unnati Kosh (having a specified duration of 10 years) holding the base size of NRs. 652 Million. The units of scheme LEMF & LUK is listed at Nepal Stock Exchange for trading purpose.