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Govt silent on institutionalized corruption TI Nepal

Transparency International Nepal has criticized thegovernment’s silence toward the growing trend of institutionalization ofcorruption in public institutions. 

Issuing a statement on Tuesday, the Nepal branch of theglobal coalition against corruption has demanded action against corruption ofmassive scale in public institutions. 

Transparency International Nepal was referring to newsreports related to corruption including ‘Contractors, suppliers paid Rs 20billion in bribes last year’ published in Republica daily dated December26. 

The tendency of giving a minimum commission of 10 percentof development budget spent every, or Rs 20 billion in the last fiscal year,must be seriously investigated, the statement issued by TransparencyInternational Chairperson Shree HariAryal.

“The government’s silence on the massive exposure ofcorruption by media through investigative stories and also the indifference ofpolitical parties and anti-graft bodies in these issues are a matter of greatsurprises for us. And to make the matter worse, the informants fear retributionto speak against these issues,” the statement added.

Transparency International Nepal has also drawn theattention of the government toward corruption perpetrated by officials of theOffice of the Transport Management while distributing taxi plates to quakevictims. 

The officials allegedly pocketed Rs 75 million whileawarding taxi numbers to quake survivors.


Source:MyRepublica, 3rd January 2018

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