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PM to make it a unilateral decision if consensus fails

PrimeMinister SherBahadurDeuba could try to forge consensus on the names of governors of the seven provinces or unilaterally choose names if the CPN-UMLremained adamant on the issue.

A sourcesaid the PM was ready to take unilateral action if the UML — which saysgovernors should be appointed by the new government — continued to stick to itsposition.

The primeminister’s media expert Govinda Pariyar said the PM was likely to hold dialoguewith UML and CPN-MC leaders on Tuesday or Wednesday to settle the issue andtake the proposal for Cabinet endorsement on Thursday.

Thegovernors’ first job will be  to administer oath of office and secrecy to550  members of provincial assemblies.

Sources saidthe NC and CPN-MC favoured appointing the seven governors on the basis ofconsensus while the UML wanted the new government to appoint them. Sources saidif the UML did not go for quota formula, the PM could name NC loyalists asgovernors.

Sources saidthe three major parties could propose  two names for governor each andRastriyaJanata Party-Nepal and Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal  could chooseone name.

UML leaderAgni Kharel said the current government did not have authority to appointgovernors.

“Governorsfunction as links between federal and provincial governments. They representthe federal government and play important role in managing state affairs andensuring checks and balances in provinces,” Kharel said.

CPN-MC ChairPushpa Kamal  Dahal’s Private Secretary JokhaBahadurMahara said the nexttask would be to forge consensus among parties on appointment of governors.

The ElectionCommission is working on the schedule of the National Assembly election. Basedon the EC schedule and its suggestions, the government will announce the dateof National Assembly Election.

Members ofprovincial assemblies will be members of the electoral college for the NationalAssembly and members of provincial assemblies can vote only after senior-mostmembers of provincial assemblies — who are sworn in by governors — swear themin.

Source: The Himalayan Times, 31st December 2017

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