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Chinese president may visit Nepal in March

ChinesePresident Xi Jinping is likely to visit Nepal in March 2018. High-levelpolitical sources said China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had listed Nepalamong the countries that the Chinese president would visit in 2018 and alsostarted ground work for the Chinese president’s visit to Nepal.

Sources saidPresident Xi would assume his second presidency in February after SpringFestival and would start visiting foreign countries in March.

The Chineseside had prepared for President Xi’s Nepal visit last year, but it cancelled itdue to change of government in Nepal. Sources said the Chinese president’svisit would have a symbolic significance after the left alliance’s victory inprovincial and parliamentary elections.

“For China,the left alliance’s victory is victory of a China-friendly force,” the sourceadded.

Xi took overthe presidency in 2012 and will begin his second term as president in February.In China, the ruling Communist Party general secretary rules the country fortwo consecutive terms.

 Source:The Himalayan Times, 19th December 2017



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