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Oli tries to allay foreign policy, investment fears

CPN-UML Chairman K P Sharma Oli, who iswidely seen as the prime minister-in-waiting after his party became the singlelargest party in the recently held parliamentary and provincial assembly polls,has asked one and all not to run after rumors that the left alliance governmentwon't have good relations with India.
Responding to a query by journalists if the left government will bring a majorshift in foreign policy toward India as speculated by a section of society,Chairman Oli said his government will ensure balanced relations with both theneighbors -- India and China.
"Adhering to an independent foreign policy as mentioned in Nepal'sconstitution, we are committed to maintaining cordial relations with allfriendly countries, mainly the neighboring countries, and internationalorganizations and institutions," he said. 

Oli, who was flanked by CPN (Maoist Center)Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, vented his ire against what he described as theso-called intellectuals for trying to spread rumors against Nepal. "Wehave clearly mentioned our foreign policy in the joint election manifesto aswell," he said, while arguing that there would be no fundamental shift inNepal's foreign policy during their tenure in government.

The remarks by Oli come amid a section ofjournalists and strategic thinkers in India expressing concerns that Nepalwould get closer to China than India after the left alliance comprising the UMLand the Maoist Center secured nearly two-thirds majority in the parliamentaryand provincial assembly polls. They have termed Oli as someone close to China-- something Oli rejects outright.
Speaking on the occasion, Oli expressed happiness that India welcomed theresults of the democratically held elections in Nepal. "India has alreadygiven its statement. [India has said] We recognize the people's mandate; wehope that this will bring stability; we express happiness and look forward towork together in future with the new government," Oli said referring tothe recent statement of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)spokesperson Raveesh Kumar on Nepal's poll results.
While criticizing those who warn that massive capital flights would occur andeconomic downturn would start if leftists come to power, Oli asked one and allnot to believe in such rumors.
"These are rumors, just propaganda against us. We cannot think ofdisallowing foreign investment and sending the share market crashing. These arenothing but lies spread by certain interest groups," he said.

Source : MyRepublica, 18thDecember, 2017


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