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Mega Bank to invest Rs 4 billion to marginalised community

MegaBank Ltd, one of the commercial banks of Nepal, is set to invest Rs 4 billionfor the upliftment of  marginalised communities by the fiscal year2017-18.

Ina presser released today, the bank stated that it will further its investment,giving continuity to its efforts in uplifting the condition of the marginalisedgroups.

ActingCEO of the bank, Anupama Khunjeli, said the amount would be invested for the aforementionedcause by the end of fiscal year 2018.

“Wehave already invested Rs 2.46 billion and rest of the amount would be investedin the coming fiscal year,” CEO Khunjeli said while addressing an orientationprogramme today.

Khunjelihas been appointed as the Acting CEO of the bank after Anil Keshari Shahcompleted his two term as the CEO of the bank.

Shahhas been appointed as the CEO of the Century Commercial Bank Ltd and willassume his office from January 1 2018.

Asper the Rastra Bank regulation, the bank can appoint CEO for only two fullterms.

Source: The Himalayan Times, 18thDecember2017

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