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Nepal's agenda of prosperity gains momentum at international arena

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli's Chinavisit this time has internationalized Nepal's agenda of prosperity.

The campaign of 'Prosperous Nepal, HappyNepali', put forwarded by the new government formed after the successfulcompletion of three tiers of elections in line with the Constitution has alsogained momentum.

The meetings has given a new height tothe bilateral relations and also yielded important outcomes in economicdevelopment.

The Memorandum of Understanding withgovernment and private sector has imparted a message that Nepal is a properdestination for investment while the visit has also given a message ofpolitical stability in Nepal to the Chinese side.

China has officially accepted Nepal'sslogan of 'Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali' and has also pledged to providepossible support towards realizing the campaign for this. The recognition fromChinese side has also expanded Nepal's agenda for prosperity at internationallevel.

Nepal's emphatic proposal of railwayswas endorsed by Chinese President Xi Jinping. This is an important matter forNepal and Nepali people, which is likely to have influence at regional level.

Agreement on the trans-border Himalayanrailway service is something to cheer as it will have positive consequenceswith multi-dimensional changes in economy. It is believed that the agreement isso far the most important initiative and will embark on a new era in the areaof reciprocal cooperation.

The signing of transport connectivityprotocol has allowed the vehicles carrying Nepali goods and commodities inChina's autonomous region which will ease our movement in mountainous region.The agreement will expectantly give momentum to Nepal's trade exchange innorthern belt.

Likewise, the agreement point on energywill also ease power exchange and subsequently pave the way for economicactivities and development.

Commenting on the MoU signed at theEmbassy, FNCCI Chairperson Bhawani Rana said, "We took the agreementssigned here as very important and positive. The agreements indifferent sectorswould help Nepal's journey towards prosperity". RSS

Source: MyRepublica, 24thJune 2018

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