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World Cup gives TV sales a shot in the arm

OngoingFIFA World Cup 2018 has given television sales a shot in the arm.

Accordingto traders, television sales have more than doubled in recent days as fans arebuying new television sets to watch matches of FIFA World Cup 2018 consideredby many as the biggest sporting event in the world.

Talkingto Republica, Aman Shrestha a retailer of household appliances at New Road,Kathmandu, said that sales of televisions have increased at a staggering ratefrom the beginning of this month. “Our weekly sales, which used to be five tosix units, have jumped to 12 to 15 units now,” he added.

Accordingto television sellers, Sony, Samsung and LG are the top selling televisionbrands in the country. Moreover, local retailers and authorized dealers oftelevisions alike agree to the fact that that the most common type oftelevisions are Full-HD Smart Television ranging from 43 to 65 inches, saidPurushottam Bhandari, sales manager of CG Electronics -- the authorizeddistributor of LG products. “Television sales have doubled. Demand for LG hasincreased to about 8,000 units per month compared 4,000 units per month innormal times,” he added.

AlthoughNepali customers also want to buy premium quality televisions with UltraHigh-Definition (HD) picture quality like LG's flagship Organic LEDTelevisions, they are more inclined to Full HD Smart Televisions as cableoperators here do not provide ultra HD contents, he added.

Accordingto Bhandari, Nepalis are generally buying television priced between average ofRs 65,000 and Rs 100,000.

SecondingBhandari's claim, Jenny GC, assistant manager of Samsung Plaza, said:“Televisions sales are picking up as the World Cup has only just begun. Weexpect sales to hit peak as the defining matches such as semis and final of thetournament approach.”

Accordingto GC, household consumers generally buy TV sets between 43 and 55 inches,while commercial consumers like hotels and restaurants go for larger screens.“The demand for recently-launched 65, 72 and 82 inches Samsung TV sets is highamong commercial consumers. The 82-inch variant costs Rs 1.1 million,” shesaid, adding: “Although this seems a lot, we have been offering the set at adiscounted price of around Rs 800,000.”

RajendraShrestha, who was in New Road on Sunday trying to strike a deal with retailers,said that he was looking to buy a 43-inch television so that he can enjoy WorldCup matches in a bigger screen. “I am currently using CRT television. However,as better picture quality is available on LED televisions, I am trying to purchaseLED TV for this World Cup,” he added.

Anothercustomer in his 20s, who refused to unveil his identity, said: “I wouldotherwise livestream sporting events through the Internet. However, this doesnot seem possible in case of World Cup. So, I am obliged to purchase a TV set.”

Source: MyRepublica, 18th June 2018

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