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All local units to be connected with Internet in 2 years

The government hasdecided to take Internet service to all local units within two years. 

Monday’smeeting of National Development Action Committee (NDAC) headed by PrimeMinister KP Oli decided to this effect, particularly to address connectivityfor providing banking services to those units.

Asmany as 150 local units are yet to be connected to the banking service, and thepeople in these areas have to travel a long distance to operate their bankaccounts.Officials of Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) have said thatthe connectivity to all local levels is possible within a year if everythinggoes as planned. NTA Spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal said that they have alreadysigned contracts with Internet service providers (ISPs) through competitivebidding for providing Internet in those districts.

Thecommittee is a top-level body to sort out policy matters related to developmentprojects and programs, and provide direction to these projects.

Thecommittee meeting also decided to prepare software to collect reports of locallevels and provinces. Such reporting system will be based on result-orientedindicators, according to TirthaDhakal, joint secretary of the National PlanningCommission. With this software, all the local levels and provinces will beasked to routinely report to the central government on their progress.

Likewise,the committee, which includes ministers and NPC members, decided to takediplomatic initiative for bringing in raw materials for explosives from Indiaand producing it commercially in the country, which will be mostly used forinfrastructure projects such as digging tunnels and constructing roads. TheMinistry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with the Ministry of Industry,Commerce and Supplies will discuss with India for importing raw materials.Currently.the government is importing ready-made explosives from India. But nowonward, Nepal Army will produce it in its factory. The army has capacity toproduce to meet the country’s need, according to NPC officials.The committeealso decided to form a study committee led by NPC member Dil Bahadur Gurung onrecommending appropriate benefit-sharing modality to address the demands putforward by the local community of Melamchi Water Supply project inSindhupalchowk. Likewise, the committee also decided that all three tiers ofthe government should make their programs targeting identified poor people in26 districts and also complete tasks of identifying poor in the remaining 51districts.

Withthe end of financial support by the World Bank for Poverty Alleviation Fund,all its investments worth Rs 19 billion to 32,000 groups are out of governmentmonitoring. To address this issue, the committee has decided to integrate theseprograms into government’s other programs.

Source:MyRepublica, 6th June 2018

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