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PATA ready to help Nepali tourism grow

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has said that it is ready tohelp the Nepali tourism sector through knowledge transfer. “PATA is anorganisation with an enormous global network and what we seek to do is providehelp to Nepal to access the benefits of this global tourism network,” ChrisBottrill, chairman of PATA told The Himalayan Times.

“One of thecore assets that we have is our knowledge about global tourism and how itoperates. So, we can help Nepal expand its tourism market but we have notreceived enough requests for help from Nepal,” informed Bottrill. “I would urgeNepal to seek more input from us.”

Bottrillfurther said that it is not a daunting task for Nepal to attract high-endtourists who can spend more money but the country needs to first build thenecessary infrastructure. “We all know that Nepal has really fine people,quality resources and also an incredible culture,” he stated. “But what isimportant is that most of the people will pay only if they are able to get aquality tourism experience, so PATA encourages the tourism fraternity in Nepalto make an action plan based on that and start working towards achieving it.”

“Nepal has immensepotential in the tourism sector with an abundance of natural resources but thecountry has not been able to develop the infrastructure required to reap thebenefits of the resources,” Bottrill informed.

He also saidthat there are many well-wishers around the world who would want to see Nepalrealise its tourism potential and PATA would be ready to extend assistance forit. Bottrill also suggested the government to expand the number of touristdestinations and mentioned that if Nepal was able to provide quality tourismexperience then it would be able to fulfil its target of drawing two milliontourists annually by 2020.

Bottrillspoke to THT on the sidelines of the second edition of theHimalayan Travel Mart (HTM), which concluded in Kathmandu today. The three-dayevent saw participation of 59 buyers from 26 countries, and 52 sellers fromseven different countries including Nepal, India, Bhutan, South Korea,Indonesia, Turkey and UAE.

The eventalso included the International Travel Bloggers and Media Conference (ITBMC)where bloggers from across the world discussed on various burning issues in theglobal tourism industry.

Source: The HimalayanTimes, 4th June 2018

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