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DAOs sending lists of defaulter contractors to govt

Followinginstruction from the government to take action against construction companiesdefaulting on their work, District Administration Offices across the countryare acting tough against them. The district authorities have been sending namesand details of such companies to the federal government. 

TheMinistry of Home Affairs is studying the recommendations made by the DAOsbefore taking action against those companies dilly-dallying to complete thegiven tasks. 

Aspart of its preparations to book the defiant construction companies, DistrictAdministrative Office of Siraha has sent a list of contractors who have notcompleted their works within the deadline to the Ministry of Home Affairs onFriday. 

ChiefDistrict Officer Rudra Prasad Pandit confirmed that the details of thecompanies not completing the given tasks within the given timeframe have beensent to the MoHA for action. 
According to the District Administration Office, companies in the list includeYogimIvanshuIshaSimleswor Joint Venture (JV) of Kavreshali, Kathmandu, MaJanaki Construction Service, Waiba and Lama Construction, AmbarKhatriRautahaConstruction Pvt Ltd, and Rayamajhi Nepal PragatiLokbir and Betali JV ofBuddhanagar.

“Ihave ordered the Area Police Office to summon the contractors in the list,” CDOPandit said, “In the presence of concerned authorities we will try tounderstand why the works were not completed on time.”

16construction firms to face action in Sindhuli:
In Sindhuli, District Administration Office has recommended the government totake action against 16 construction companies for their delay in completing theprojects. 

DAOofficials said recommendation was forwarded to the Ministry of Home Affairssuggesting action against the companies citing the concerned companies’ failureto complete the works within the given deadline. The companies constructing 19different projects in two municipalities and seven rural municipalities havebeen delaying construction works under various pretexts. 

Thecompanies recommended for action include KS Deviraman JV, Biji ConstructionService, Atreya Construction Service P Ltd, SubhamNirmanSewa,DhulikhelShibhambhu/Kunwar JV, ShikharNirmanSewa, SiddhababaAtreyaNawayug JV,SwachchhaNirmanSewa, Kathmandu, PappuLumbini JV and Gauri/Nilgiri National JV.Similarly, action has been recommended also against Pappu Nepal Pragati JV, SubUddharSagarmatha JV, SunauloKhimti Construction, Biruwa Construction P Ltd andKankai/Thapa JV. 

Govt’sinaction further encouraged defaulter contractors in Dhangadhi. Many developmental works inDhangadhi are long overdue as dishonest contractors have not cared to honortheir contracts. The government’s weakness in monitoring and failure to takeaction against shoddy works of contractors have been severely affecting thedevelopment projects.

Manysuch projects have already missed the work deadlines at least twice, thrice oreven more. 
However, contractors are not the only ones to be blamed for the delay.Government offices, departments and ministries that awarded contracts areequally at fault, according to stakeholders.
The government actually rewards underperformance by extending deadlinesmultiple times. Contractors having political nexus have been bribing governmentofficials in power for deadline extension and to overlook quality. 

Source:MyRepublica, 4th June 2018