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Budget will create 400,000 new jobs FinMin

FinanceMinister Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada claimed that the budget is in favor of all-rounddevelopment of the country. Khatiwada expressed his belief that the budget willhelp lead the country toward socialism through prosperity.

Addressing the concerns raised by the lawmakers inthe Federal Parliament on Sunday, Finance Minister Khatiwada said that thebudget has been allocated to the federal, provincial and local units as per therevenue sharing formula suggested by financial experts. Khatiwada further saidthat the budget has clear-cut objectives and is aimed at increasing workers'efficiency by improving their health and education.

Khatiwada further said that the budget aims toincrease 8 percent income growth, which means half percent hike in the incomeof the workers. “This will create around 400,000 new jobs in the country.”
According to him, the budget prioritizes production and respects labor, therebycreating more jobs.
Curbing corruption and bad governance, the budget will help lead the country towardsocialism based on democratic norms and values, he said. He assured that thegovernment will also work with private sector and cooperatives to boost theeconomic growth in all the federal, provincial and local levels, saidKhatiwada.

Source: MyRepublica, 4th June 2018

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