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Budget gives Rs 730m for tourism infrastructure

KATHMANDU,June 3: With a motive of bringing two million tourists by 2020 and fivemillion by 2030 into the country, the Ministry of Finance has allocated Rs 5.20billion on tourism in the Fiscal Year 2018/19.

Thelargest portion of the government's capital expenditure on tourism -- Rs 730million -- has been allocated for Tourism Infrastructure Development Project.The government has also allocated recurrent expenditure of Rs 153 million fortourism infrastructure development.

Thesecond largest amount of capital expenditure on tourism -- Rs 286 million --has been allocated for Archaeological Conservation. Accordinhe ministry, Rs 2.8million has been allocated toward recurrent expenditure for this project.Likewise, Rs 99 million, Rs 23 million, and Rs 15.9 million have been allocatedfor Department of Archaeology, National Archives of Nepal,orld Heritage SitesConservation Project respectively for capital expenditure while, Rs 45.7million, Rs 19.4 million and Rs 1.1 million for recurrent expenditure have beenallocated for the projects respectively.

Meanwhile,Rs 15.9 million for capital expenditure and Rs 1.1 million for recurrentexpenditure have been allocated for World Heritage Sites Conservation Project.

Likewise,the government has allocated Rs 13.2 million and Rs 10 million on capitalexpenditures for National Museum (Chhauni) and Narayanhiti Palace Museum. Bothof the museums have received Rs 25.9 million and Rs 86.9 million on recurrentexpenditure, respectively. Similarly, South Asia Tourism InfrastructureDevelopment project has received a total of Rs 8.6 million for capitalexpenditure and Rs 351 million for recurrent expenditure.

Moreover,the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has received atotal of Rs 6.4 million of capital expenditure while Rs 248 million ofrecurrent expenditure has been allocated for the ministry. Likewise, capitalexpenditure of Rs 3.2 million for Central Conservation Lab for Cultural Heritage,Rs 1.5 million for Language Commission and Rs 0.7 million for MountaineeringTourism and Tourism Promotional Program have been allocated by the government.Recurrent expenditures of Rs 11.6 million, Rs 66 million, and Rs 7 million havebeen allocated respectively for these organizations.

Atthe same time, capital expenditures of Rs 0.5 million and Rs 0.3 million havebeen allocated for Cultural Promotional Program and Nepal Copyright Registrar'sOffice while Rs 346 million and Rs 10 million have been allocated respectivelyfor recurrent expenditure. On the other hand, nine organizations have notreceived any amount for capital expenditure. Nepal Tourism and Hotel ManagementAcademy (NATHM), Pashupati Area Development Trust, LumbiniDevelopment Trust,and Cultural Institutions have received Rs 23.6 million, Rs 348 million, Rs 577million and Rs 8.1 million of recurrent expenditure.

Likewise,Nepal Academy, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Nepal Music and Drama Academy,Transport Project Preparatory Facility, and Buddhist Philosophy Promotion &Monastery Development Committee have received Rs 120 million, Rs 40 million, Rs60 million, Rs 50 million and Rs 53.4 million of recurrent expenditure forFY2018/19. However, none of the nine organizations have received capitalexpenditure for FY2018/19.

Ofthe total Rs 5.20 billion allocated for the country's tourism sector, thegovernment has allocated Rs 4.05 billion for federal government, Rs 812 millionfor provincial governments and Rs 333 million for local level governments.

Source:MyRepublica, 3rd June 2018

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