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Karnali Province unveils the budget of Rs 1.2 billion

 The Karnali Province has unveiled a budget of Rs1.2 billion in the 16th meeting of the provincial assembly Thursday. 

Minister for Internal Affairs and Planning in theProvince, Prakash Jwala, informed that although the current fiscal year wasnearing the final stage, the budget was brought for three months. 

Under the budget, 42.95 percent is allocated for therecurrent while the 57.05 percent for the capital. Fourteen sectors have beenprioritized by the budget. 

The government has given priority to roadway,electricity, drinking water, irrigation, information technology, development ofphysical infrastructure, and promotion of domestic foreign tourism,commercialization of agriculture and its marketing, vocational education,production and management of skilled human resources, accessible healthservice. 

Moreover, the processing of the medicinal herbs,promotion of cooperatives, corruption control and promotion of good governance,social harmony and inclusion are also underscored by the budget.

Source : My Republica, 26th April 2018

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