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Rs 2.64b in unsettled accounts at Health ministry

A report of the Office of Auditor General (OAG) has shownthat unsettled accounts at the Ministry of Health amount to Rs 2.64 billion inthe fiscal year 2017/18.

The preliminary report of the OAG showed that Rs 2.69billion was unaudited at the ministry. After the preliminary report wasprovided to the MoH, the ministry recovered Rs 48.9 million. The Ministry ofHealth has a total of Rs 2.64 billion in unsettled accounts now, according tothe OAG report. Out of the unaudited budget, Rs 1.19 billion had been issued asadvance budget.

The OAG also audited the budget of 124 organizedinstitutions, committees and other organizations under the ministry. After thepreliminary report was forwarded to these organizations, the 14 organizationsrecovered Rs 64.6 million. Now the amount in unsettled accounts in theseorganizations has come down to Rs 3.70 billion, says the OAG report. Of theunaudited amount, the advance amount released to different departments andindividuals was Rs 2.32 billion.

Source : My Republica, 23rd April 2018

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