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NEPSE goes online

The buyers andsellers now can order through the online system to buy and sell the secondaryshares of the public companies listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange(NEPSE). 

Chairman ofSecurity Board of Nepal (SEBON) Dr Rewat Bahadur Karki marked the beginning ofthe online trading of shares at a program organized at Crystal KanchanjunghaSecurity Pvt Ltd on Sunday. 

With thebeginning of this system, the investors are not required to visit the brokers'offices to sell the shares in the secondary market. 

On theoccasion, General Manager of Chandra Singh Saud said that the capital markethas an immense potential in Nepal. 

Also speakingat the programme, the stakeholders and investors said that necessary attentionwas not paid to the development of the secondary share market and stressed theneed for coordination among the regulatory bodies and concerned authorities.

Source :RSS,16th March 2018


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