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NC leader Dr Mahat attacks white paper as ludicrous

Nepali Congress central member Dr Ram Sharan Mahat todaystressed the need for NC leaders and cadres to strengthen and expand partyorganisations across the country with high morale. 

"Strengtheningand expanding party organisations from the centre to local levels means toprovide a solid background for NC to fare well in next elections. NC shouldalso play an active role as opposition in the government," he said at atraining session for local representatives held by the NC, Chitwan. 
Criticising the white paper as ludicrous, the former Finance Minister inanother context said the white paper was twisted under various pretexts. 

Otherparticipants like former NC, Chitwan Presidents Krishna Lal Sapkota, TopmanSingh Gurung, former lawmaker Jagannath Poudel, NC's provincial assemblymembers Gita Wagle, Balaram Poudel, and Milan Babu Shrestha spoke at theprogramme. The total 174 people's representatives are scheduled to undergotraining on development. 

Source :RSS, 8th April 2018


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