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Nation facing economic crisis ahead, says FM Khatiwada

FinanceMinister YubarajKhatiwada has hinted that the nation is facing a criticalphase in near future.

Speaking at a House meeting on Tuesday, MinisterKhatiwada said that the nation’s treasury cannot be assessed simply through asingle digit but the entire economic and development indicators should be takeninto consideration while judging the positon of our country's economy,referring to the white paper issued earlier.

"We must be clear that our treasury is almost emptyand be careful while choosing our priorities.  Budgets are getting frozenon one hand while the expenses are increasing on the other. We arenot for closed market," said Minister Khatiwada. 

He further said that the government is ready to joinhands with cooperatives and private sectors to  save the countryfrom sliding into economic crisis and make it stable and strongeconomically. 

Khatiwada also touched upon some issues relatedto social security, among others during his speech. 

On March 30, the government had presented a white paperdepicting a gloomy picture of the country's economy. 

Source : My Republica, 3rdApril 2018

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