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Finance Minister to issue “White Paper” today; Dr. Khatiwada to address various financial sectors including the stock market

Finance Minister Dr. Yubaraj Khatiwada will be issuingwhite paper on country’s economic situation today.

As per the Ministry of Finance the white paper will befocusing on the financial expenses that the government has been facing due to the decisions of the previous government,measures to overcome the financial problems and also to address the issues ofthe stock market.

The budget is supposed to be announced on Jestha 15 andbefore that various plans of the government will come into operation, so thewhite paper will not be covering much issues.

The white paper will also mention about the financialprogress of the country will be taken as per the manifesto of the CommunistAlliance. The main focus of the white paper will be the measures of increasingproductivity of the Agriculture sector.

The white paper which has been made with the inclusion ofthe views of Nepal Rastra Bank has also mentioned the centralization of moneyin a certain sector rather than being decentralized in many sectors due to theincrement of capital of the banks.

The white paper also states that the government’sfinancial strategies will encompass the private sectors capital. Apart fromthis, the white paper also has plans regarding the upgrade of education andsocial security of the country.

After making the necessary changes, the white paper islikely to be issued at evening. The claim made by the CPN UML to increase theSocial Security allowance to Rs 5,000 has also been included in the whitepaper.

Source:Sharesansar, 28th March 2018

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