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Energy Minister announces 247 energy supply to industries from May

Minister for Energy, Water Resources andIrrigation, Barsha Man Pun, has announced to provide round-the-clock supply ofelectricity to industries after mid-May.

“It will be a gift of the New Year 2075 BSfor the industrial sector,” Pun said after making observation visit of LoadDispatch Center of Nepal Electricity Authority on Sunday. 
If implemented, the decision will allow industries to run round the clock,seven days a week.
Power generation by run-of-the-river projects increased after mid-May as meltingof snow will increase water level in rivers. It will allow NEA to provideuninterrupted power supply to industries.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Punsaid economic prosperity was only possible if there is industrial growth. 

Similarly, NEA Spokesperson PrabalAdhikari said that the power utility will spare no effort to provideuninterrupted power supply to industries. “After mid-May, power generation byrun-of-the-river type projects start to increase due to improvement in waterflow. Also, we will take needful initiative for increasing energy imports,” headded.

Current energy demand by industrial sectoris about 300 MW. 

NEA, however, can provide uninterruptedpower supply to industrial sector only during wet months for the time being. Itwill be able to provide uninterrupted power supply to industrial sector onlyafter Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower starts full-fledged power generation.
The project is expected to start generation from June, 2019.

Source: MyRepublica, 26thMarch 2018

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