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Minister Pandit to make green-sticker effective, ban non-biodegradable plastic

Minister for Population and Environment, Lalbabu Pandit,has said non-biodegradable plastic producers would be brought under law.

Pandit further said that the outlets that usenon-biodegradable plastic for everyday operations must make amends within threeto six months, else action will be taken against them.

Speaking at an interaction at the Capital today, the newlyappointed Minister pledged to come up with policies to implement ban on themanufacture of non-biodegradable plastic. He further said that vehicles withoutgreen-stickers would not be allowed on the roads of metropolitan andsub-metropolitan cities from the first day of the Nepali calendar new year.

Elaborate measures will be undertaken to control pollution —vehicles emitting black smoke will undergo standard-tests, brick kilns will bemade eco-friendly and imported goods out of government standard list will bediscouraged, added Pandit.

The Environment Minister’s personal secretary, Wasim Aalaminformed THT Online that the Minister has already issued directives to theMinistry officials to work toward this goal and to study legal procedures toachieve the same.

“This is not a hasty decision but actually a step that was takenafter a detailed study and usage of biodegradable plastic products. TheMinister is determined to work toward achieving positive results within thenext three to six months,” said Aalam.

Source: the Himalayan Times, 28th February 2018


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