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Left alliance to join province govt. in Province No. 2

Parliamentaryparty leader of Province No. 2 of CPN (UML) Satya Narayan Mandal has said thatprovince 2 is likely to have the government with participation of the leftalliance. 

At aprogram in Rajbiraj on Monday, UML’s standing committee member Mandal saidthat efforts are ongoing for the formation of the province government withparticipation of the left alliance for the development and prosperity of theprovince. 

“Co-workof all parties is needed to make the province prosperous and developed,” he added. 
Likewise, National Assembly Member and UML’s central committee member Suman RajPyakurel said that efforts are on for the formation of government withparticipation of the left alliance in province no. 2 and central governmentalong with participation of Rastriya Janata Party Nepal and Federal SocialistForum Nepal. 

Similarly,former Irrigation Minister and Maoist Center’s leader Umesh Yadav said thatdevelopment works of physical infrastructure have been initiated in Madhesh,thanks to the budget allocated by the KP Sharma Oli-led government in thepast. 

ProvinceAssembly lawmakers of the UML and Maoist Centre were honoured at the programmeorganized to exchange greetings on the occasion of Holi festival.(RSS)


Source:MyRepublica 28th February 2018

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