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India unilaterally constructs four bridges over Mahakali River

 TheIndian side has constructed four wooden bridges over the Mahakali river withoutthe consent of Nepal. 

TheMahakali river forms the westernmost international border between Nepal andIndia. 

Indiahad sent letter to the District Administration Office, Darchula couple monthsback seeking Nepal's agreement to that connection. But it has constructed thefour bridges without Nepal giving it the consent. 

TheIndian side has constructed the wooden bridges at Najangkhola, Lakhanpur,Dopakhe and Kauthala of Budi, close to the tri-junction border area of Nepal,India and China. 

Localshave said that India has constructed the wooden bridges on a temporary basisfor crossing the Mahakali river to the north of Darchula district. 

Thelabourers who have been employed by India for construction of road are usingthese bridges to cross the river. India is constructing the road up to Kalapaniand is opening up the track for this road. 

TheDistrict Administration Office, Darchula has already informed the Ministry ofHome Affairs in Kathmandu regarding India's request. 

"Wehave not yet received the approval to this regard from the Home Ministry,"Chief District Officer, Janardan Gautam said. 

Itis stated that India has taken three dozers crossing the Mahakali river atLakhanpur via the Nepali territory to the road construction site on its side ofthe border. The dozers have opened the track for the road on the Nepaliterritory as well. 

TheIndian side has also constructed a trail from Tambaku Khola to the base of thecliff at Thiee on the Nepal side of the border, said Dilip Singh Budhathoki,the Chairman of the Vyas Rural Municipality. 

Theunilateral construction of wooden bridges by India was confirmed by a jointmonitoring team of the Armed Police Force (APF) Border Security Company,Darchula and the District Police Office. 

"Indiashould have coordinated with the District Administration Office beforeconstructing the temporary bridges over the river that forms the border betweenthe two countries and also while carrying out any other activities, in view ofthe security of both countries. But the Indian side did not coordinate with usin this connection," Chief District Officer Gautam said. 

Thebridges have been constructed at sites which are located above the Nepalisettlement, Dumling. So, the Nepali nationals have not been using the bridges.Instead the locals have urged the District Administration Office to take toinitiative for the construction of a bridge near their settlement, saying thebridges constructed above Dumling,Vyas Rural Municipality-2 were of no use forthem. 

Constructionof suspension bridge and the road by India was also to be included in theagenda of the meeting of the Nepali and Indian officials slated to be held inPithouragadh, India on March 5. RSS

Source:MyRepublica 28th February 2018

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