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Unavailability of banks in rural parts adds to the miseries of poor

Duringthe local elections, leaders had promised to bring the facilities of SinghaDurbar to their local units. However, that has been nothing more than a myth sofar. Even after seven months of the historic polls, the local governments havenot been able to establish a single bank in the rural areas of Bajhangdistrict. Although banking service has become a necessity in the modern world,a large number of service seekers have been deprived of the service. Pregnantwoman, disabled, elderly citizens among others have been struggling to receivetheir allowance in the absence banks in rural areas. 

 Asa result, people have no other option than to reach to the districtheadquarters even for minor transactions. "We don't want therepresentatives to deliver all of their promises so soon. But they should haveat least made efforts to establish a bank in our municipality," said JunaOkheda, of Bugal Municipality-11. Carrying a toddler on her back, Juna has beenstaying in the district headquarters since the last four days for opening abank account. However, she has been unable to open an account due to some legalhassles.

Themunicipality had sanctioned a budget of Rs 1.1 million for constructing toiletsand providing drinking water facilities for poor and marginalized families. Asthe municipality has urged the ward members to open an account in RastriyaBanijya Bank (RBB), five members of the ward have reached the districtheadquarters Chainpur for the purpose, according to Jhuse Okehda, chairpersonof ward 11 of Bugal Municipality. "Municipality has offered us budgetwhich we had never expected. But, lack of banking facilities has posed problemsfor us," said Kalak Bhandari one of the members of the ward. 

Asthe amount is huge, the ward members fear that they might get robbed on theway. District headquarters Chainpur is a three-day walk on foot from Bugal.There are jungles all over and no security. 

DhanBahadur Bista, mayor of Bugal Municipality, claimed that he has made severalpledges to the government for the establishment of banks. "I am trying tobring at least one branch of RBB or Agriculture Development Bank inBugal," said Mayor Bista. He informed that most of the banks refuse toopen their branches in remote areas. Bringing money from Chainpur has alwaysbeen risky and challenging for the locals.

Thoughthere are enough banks in the district headquarters, there isn't any bank intwo municipalities and 10 rural municipalities of Bajhang.


Source: Myrepublica, 27thFebruary 2018


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