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Matrika Yadav is new industry minister

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has appointed Matrika Yadavas the Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies. Yadav is a standingcommittee member of CPN (Maoist Center).

But the appointment of Yadav, who is known for hishardline approach, has failed to impress business community andindustrialists. 

The performance of the ministry is of great importancefor investments, job creation and entrepreneurship to boosting country'sexports and overall economic growth 
Yadav had courted controversy by locking local development officer of Lalitpurdistrict during his stint as forest minister in 2006. He had tendered resignedfrom his post due to differences with former prime minister Late Girija PrasadKoirala.  

An industrialist, preferring anonymity, told Republicathat Yadav's appointment to a key ministry shows that investments andindustrial sector is not in the priority of the government.  

Country's performance in trade is also bleak as exportshave remained standstill while import is growing by leaps and bounds. 

When Republica reached industrialists and businesspersonsfor comment on the new appointment, many refused and said that they fear thestrict and arrogant nature of the new minister. 

Hari Bhakta Sharma, president of Confederation ofNepalese Industries (CNI) hoped of the new minister will translate thecommitments that the left parties made in their joint manifesto. “It is tooearly to comment (on the appointment). The government's policy matters morethan who is seated on the chair. We are hopeful that Minister Yadav willimplement policies that the government has made,” said Sharma. 

Former president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambersof Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Pashupati Murarka, also said that the privatesector was hopeful that the new government will put the industrial sector inpriority and implement open market economy. “I hope that the new minister willunderstand importance of the industry and commerce,” he added.  

However, party insiders say that Yadav was chosen for thekey portfolio as a senior leader of the party and because of his relativelyclean image.

The private sector leaders are not confident with the newminister because of his past history during the insurgency period as he has notchanged his working style like other leaders of his party.

Yadav has served as the Minister for Forest and SoilConservation, and Land Reforms and Management. He is a senior leader of CPNMaoist (Center) from the Madheshi Community. His appointment in the industryministry gives continuity to the long-held tradition of giving the portfolio toleaders from the Madheshi community. 

Source: MyRepublica , 27th February 2018

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