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Power tussle deepens within ruling left parties

Powertussle among different factions within the CPN-UML and struggle of old versusnew faces in CPN (Maoist Center) have further deepened the already wide riftbetween the two left parties that command majority in the parliament. The riftbetween the left alliance members first became visible during selection ofcandidates for federal and provincial polls and later during appointment ofparties' nominees for provincial governments. 

Asmultiple factions in both UML and Maoist Center wrestle for their survival inthe new political alignment necessitated by the ongoing unification, neitherparty has been able to pick their nominees for Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli'scabinet a week after the formation of the new government.

 Allsecond-rung leaders of both sides are putting extra efforts to secure arightful place either in the government or in the unified party. As the rowover ministerial portfolios drags on, PM Oli and Maoist Chair Pushpa KamalDahal have found them in a situation wherein they won't be able to resolve therow over portfolios without angering several leaders in their respectiveparties. 
The latest bout of factional feud, which was triggered with the row overministerial berth for federal government, has been seen as an early sign ofbigger crisis in the making for the two coalition partners which have alreadyannounced their unification pending some paperwork.

InUML, two factions led by senior party leaders -- Madhav Kumar Nepal and JhalaNath Khanal-- have joined hands against Oli.  The two factions havedemanded at least six key portfolios arguing that they were unfairly treatedduring sharing of power at provincial level. Chief ministers in four provinceswhere UML formed the government were from Oli's camp. Other factions have alsoaccused Oli of cornering them in appointment of speakers and ministers forseven provinces. 

Talkingto Republica earlier this week, UML Secretary Yogesh Bhattarai said that noconsultations were made in issues pertaining to power sharing or unificationbetween UML and Maoist Center. 
Within the Maoist party, leaders who stuck to the mother party during thevertical split in 2012 have accused Chairman Dahal of rewarding"traitors", while ignoring those who stood by his side at difficulttimes. The ten offshoots of former Maoist rebels which were integrated in 2016have made a strong presence in the party.  Leaders considered loyal tosecretary Ram Bahadur Thapa have been able to grab key portfolios at theprovincial government.  Thapa and at least two leaders close to him areexpected to join the government.

Similarly,few other leaders who deserted the party including Matrika Yadav are alsoexpected to be appointed ministers. This has generated strong reaction fromleaders who stayed in the mother party during the past split.  A group ofleaders loyal to Chairman Dahal including Barshaman Pun, Janardan Sharma, TopBahadur Rayamajhi, Shakti Basnet , who got opportunity to became ministers timeand again, have been exerting pressure on party chairman against sending morethan three leaders from reintegrated factions. 

"Heis repeating the same mistake again by trusting people who have betrayed himtime and again right from the onset of the Maoist rebellion," said aleader. 

Maoistspokesperson Pampha Bhusal, however, said that the current dispute was naturaldue to several aspirants for few positions.  She said that the party wasin favor of giving chance to new and untested faces.

Source:Myrepublica, 25th Feruary 2018

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