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Much ado about ministers for Oli govt

TheKP Sharma Oli led government is planning to expand its cabinet of ministerstoday.

Oliwas appointed as the 38th Prime Minister of Nepal on February 15. However,with almost two weeks gone, the government hasn’t been able to expand itsministries after Maoist Center became reluctant to join the government unlessan agreement for party unification was reached. Last week, the UML and the MCsigned a seven point guideline that has opened doors for the latter to join thegovernment.

Tosupport the Oli led government, the Maoist Center is holding a meeting atPushpa Kamal Dahal’s residence in Khumaltar to finalize ministerial appointees,Pampha Bhushal, spokesperson of the party said.

RamBahadur Thapa is likely to lead the party into the government and potentialcandidates. While the Maoist Center has seven ministries to fill, there are 10candidates vying to be a minister; Barshaman Pun, Janardan Sharma, ShaktiBasnet, Pampha Bhusal, Matrika Yadav, Lekhraj Bhatta, Devendra Paudel, AgniSapkota, Bina Magar and Jayapuri Gharti.

IshworPokhrel, general secretary of UML said that there was high possibility ofexpanding ministries today.  In addition, the Oli led government isexploring possibility of bringing the Rastriya Janata Party Nepal and FederalSocialist Forum Nepal on board the government for political stability.

Ifboth the Madeshi parties are to come on board, UML and MC had decided to deductone ministry from their present numbers; 10 and 7 respectively.

Source:MyRepublica, 26th February 2018

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