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Himalayan Terminal charging excess fees Traders

Himalayan Terminal Pvt Ltd, whichoversees the management of Sirsiya dry port in Birgunj, is charging random feesin the name of handling and parking charge, traders say.

They said that the company hasunilaterally started charging 10 percent more on handling fee fixed by theauthorities.
According to Nepali importers, the company has started levying new fee withoutinforming importers and the government. 

“Earlier, it used to charge Rs107 per ton of for transportation of goods via dry port,” Pradeep Kedia, formerpresident of Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), said. “But nowthey are charging Rs 118 per ton without giving us any information.” He addedthat importers have been forced to pay an additional Rs 20,000-27,000 per rackof goods. 

The company is also charging Rs400 for vehicle parking.

Sirsiya dry port is the onlyfacility in the country to import goods from India and other countries viarailway. Most of the goods come here via Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam ports ofIndia.

Around 75 to 82 racks of goodsare being transported into the country via Sirsiya dry port. The increased freemeans importers are forced to pay more than Rs 2 million every month, Kediatold Republica. 

The dry port was built with anassistance of US$ 802 million from the World Bank to facilitate Nepal'simport-export trade. 

Kedia further said that they havealready notified the government about the random fees levied by HimalayanTerminal. “We have sent a letter to the Ministry of Commerce and NepalIntermodal Transport Development Board. But the government authorities are nottaking any action,” he added.

Industries in Birgunj-Pathlaiyacorridor, Hetauda corridor and other industrial areas import more than 60percent of their raw materials from this dry port.
Meanwhile, Anibesh Kumar, senior manager of Himalayan Terminal Pvt Ltd, saidthat they have increased handling charge by 10 percent as per the existingrule. “Importers are opposing this because they seem to have misunderstood therule,” he added.

According to Kumar, HimalayanTerminal holds the license to operate the dry port for five years startingJanuary 2015. As per the contract, we can increase fee by 10 percent afterthree years.

Commenting on parking fee, Kumarsaid the company was charging fee after finding that vehicles were being therefor more than one day.

Goods imported from India, China,the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Italy, USA and Germany, among others,enter into Nepal via this dry port. 

Source: MyRepublica 25th February 2018

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