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National economic census 2018 kick-starts

Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has started NationalEconomic Census 2018, on Friday. The census will be conducted by counting allenterprises and economic activities across the country, said Suman Raj Aryal,director general of CBS. This census will also measure the contribution ofthose activities to the economy. 

This enumeration of all economic activities and units andthe job creation by them, as part of the census, is expected to be useful inthe federal context.

“This is the first census covering such large number ofeconomic activities and data. It will have much importance not only for federalgovernment but also sub-national governments in devising policies andprograms,” said Aryal. Provinces and local levels may find these data muchuseful in setting priorities, added Aryal.

Aryal also launched the training of trainers for 77officials who will be the coordinators of economic enumeration offices to beset up in each district.

The census, which will be conducted within 60 days startingfrom mid-April across the country, will use three methods in collecting thedata: using printed questionnaires, filling online forms or putting datadirectly on tablets. 

The enumerators will use both paper and electronic means tofill the questionnaires. “Respondents can fill in information about theirenterprises and institutions through online survey (e-census). The enumeratorsalso carry tablets who will count the census,” the press release issued by CBSsaid.

The census will cover 18 out of total 21 economic activitieslisted in international standard industrial classification. Three sectors --agriculture, fisheries and forestry -- will not be counted in this census asCBS has already been doing census of these sectors in every ten years. Thecounting will also exclude street vendors. 

The data compilation process has now been decentralized,CBS officials said. Mahesh Chandra Pradhan, director of CBS, said thatenumerators will gather at the nearest CBS branches and collect the onlineserver, which will help publish the results quicker.  CBS has 33 branchesnationwide. “We have planned to publish the result of the census by the end ofOctober next year,” said Pradhan. 

This headcount of economic activities and enterprise willbe the first of its kind and will be a major shift from such counting ofeconomic activities only in survey methodologies.  

The enterprises of different economic activities includingretail and wholesale trade, construction, finance, real estate, finance,communications, information technology, hospitality, utilities, transportation,health, education and other manufacturing and services sectors will be coveredin the census.

Source:Myrepublica, 24th Feb 2018

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