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‘Left to remain intact regardless of unity talks outcome’

The alliance between the CPN-UML and CPN(Maoist Center) would remain intact even if the current efforts to unify thetwo parties before the formation of the new government failed tomaterialize. 

Leaders said that the two parties areworking to seal a power-sharing deal for the new government regardless of howthe ongoing talks on the planned merger turn out. 

“Since party merger and power-sharingare two different things, we are dealing with them separately. Our focus wouldbe to finalize both issues together. But delay in party unification will notaffect the power-sharing talks,” said CPN (Maoist Center) spokespersonPamphaBhusal. 
UML and Maoist Center have already forged a deal to form a coalition governmentin six of the seven provinces, while efforts are underway to determine theshare of power in the new government and key constitutional bodies. 

Remarks by the left leaders come at atime when the planned unification between the UML and the Maoist Center isfailing to get expected success. The talks came to a sudden halt afterdifferences cropped up over the leadership, organization and management ofsenior leaders, according to leaders privy to the ongoing development. 

After multiple unsuccessful attempts, ajoint taskforce comprising UML and Maoist Center leaders has entrusted the topleaders to settle the contention over party unification. 

One key difference is over leadership ofthe new party. Maoist Center has said the party leadership should be rotatedtogether with premiership. UML has shown willingness to rotate the governmentleadership but has maintained that the issue of leadership of the unified partyis non-negotiable. 
UML leaders have offered to create a special portfolio for Maoist CenterChairman Dahal which would be the second highest position in the partystructure, a proposal rejected by the former rebel party. 

Despite little progress in talks,leaders from both sides remain hopeful of a merger. Last week, Maoist CenterChairman Dahal said that the merger would take place within the next fewweeks. 
Leaders ruled out the possibility of a merger before the formation of the newgovernment but said that there is still enough room for consensus. 

UML Vice Chairman Bamdev Gautam, a keyarchitect of the left unity, said that the merger will take place as plannedunless the ongoing process flounders. 

“We were able to come to this pointafter spending a lot of time and efforts. If the unification fails now,everything will go to waste. It will take many years to realize the dream ofcommunist unity,” Gautam said while addressing a function in the capital onSaturday.

“The merger of two parties is not assimple as some of us think. Leaders from both parties are trying to forge adeal. I remain extremely hopeful that the merger will take place,” said.

Source: My Republica, 5thFebruary 2018


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