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Left reaches power-sharing deal for 6 provincies

The CPN-UML andCPN (Maoist Center) have reached a power-sharing deal to form a government infour and two federal provinces respectively.

Seven weeks afterthe conclusion of the federal and parliamentary polls, a meeting of the UML andMaoist leaders at Singha Durbar on Sunday successfully ironed out thedifferences over portfolio distribution and power-sharing at the provincialgovernment with 70:30 split in power.

The agreement haspaved the way for the formation of left government in six provinces where thetwo parties had registered resounding victories. As per the deal, UML will formgovernment in Province 1, 3, 4 and 5, while Maoist Center will form governmentin Province 6 and 7. The meeting also finalized other key portfolios includingspeakers and deputy speakers for the six provinces. 

The speaker in Province 1, 3, 6 and 7 will befrom the UML, while Maoist Center will have speaker in Province 4 and 5. Meanwhile, Maoist Center will have deputy speaker in Province 1, 3, 6 and7, while the deputy speakers in other two provinces will come from the UML.
Negotiators from the two parties have also agreed to form small cabinets in allsix provinces. 

"The cabinet in these provinces wouldcomprise 7 to 11 members depending on the size of the provincialassembly," negotiators from the two parties said in a statement issuedafter the meeting. The agreement was signed by Subas Nembang, Shankar Pokhareland Surendra Pandey of UML and Ram Bahadur Thapa, Matrika Yadav and BarshamanPun of the Maoist Center. Negotiators have also agreed to finalize otherportfolios based on consensus.
The power-sharing deal, sealed in the backdrop of four-hour-long talks betweenUML Chairman KP Sharma Oli and Maoist Chairman Puhspa Kamal Dahal, has endedthe doubts over the formation of the left government. Leaders from the two leftparties said that the '70:30 split in power' at the provincial level wouldserve as a basis for power-sharing deal at the federal government as well.
"There would be similar distribution of power at the central governmentwherein the key portfolios would be divided as per the seats won by the twoparties," said Maoist spokesperson Pampha Bhusal.

Sunday's agreementhas also revived hopes of early breakthrough in talks over the plannedunification between the two parties. Leaders said that Oli and Dahal haveagreed to sort out the leadership and organizational issues together with apower-sharing deal for the federal government. 

Leaders said that chief ministers for thefive provinces will be picked by next week. UML has already named ShankarPokharel as chief ministerial candidate for Province 5. More than a dozenleaders are in the race to become chief ministers. Former ministers Sher DhanRai and Bhim Acharya are seen as favorites to be chief minister of Province 1,while Asta Laxmi Shakya and Rajendra Pandey are in race to become chiefminister of Province 3.
UML Secretary Prithvi Subba Gurung and influential leader Kiran Gurung havebeen seen as possible CM picks for Province 4. Maoist leader and former energyminister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi and Naresh Bhandari have been lobbying tobecome chief minister of Province 6. 

Maoist leadersBirman Chaudhary and Jhapat Bohara are the two contenders for chief minister inProvince 7.

Source: MyRepublica, 29th January 2018

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