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CNI adopts federal setup

Confederation ofNepalese Industries (CNI) has got go ahead from the government to establishprovincial confederations in all seven provinces of the country. 

The government hasapproved the amended statute of the CNI that was passed by the confederation’s14th Annual General Meeting. With this, the CNI has gone to the federalsetup. 

With thegovernment approval of the amended statute, the governing and national councilsof CNI have taken a decision to take forward the process of forming sevenprovincial confederations for industrial development of the country. 

With thisformation, the CNI hopes to contribute toward promoting economic activities andhelp reduce imports. The provincial confederations are being formed to developentrepreneurship in the country and to increase the share of industrial sectoron the Gross Domestic Production (GDP), the CNI has said.

The CNI has alsodecided to elect 10 members of its national council, as well as to elect onemember for the vacant post of the confederation’s vice president, for whichSulav Agrawal has been nominated. Chhaya Sharma and Rita Bhandari have filedtheir nominations as women industrialists for the members of national council. 

Otherindustrialists to be nominated for the national council members are: AshishGarg, Hemanta Golchha, Manish Khemka, Rabindra Bhakta Shrestha, Rishi Ghimire,Shishir Bhatta, and Sudhir Mittal. 

The meeting hasalso nominated coordinators for all seven provincial confederations. ForProvince 1, Prakash Mainali (Jhapa) has been nominated while for Province 2,Naresh Das (Janakpur) has been nominated. Likewise, for provinces 3, 4, 5, 6and 7, Rishi Ghimire (Hetauda), Binod Neupane (Pokhara), Ijaz Alam (Butwal),Tek Bahadur Bhandari (Surkhet), and Hem Bikram Thapa (Kanchanpur) have beennominated, respectively 

The CNI will beworking with the industries registered at the districts of provinces. Theprovincial confederation will work in coordination with their respective locallevels and provincial government in order to support the private sector and topromote economic prosperity in the country, the CNI said.

Source: MyRepublica, 28th January 2018

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