Company Overview

Company Background:

Laxmi Capital Market Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Laxmi Bank Limited. It has obtained license from Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) to be engaged in merchant banking activities such as Initial Public Offering (IPO), Underwriting of Securities, Portfolio Management Services, Registrar to Share, etc.

The objective of the company is to provide entire gamut of merchant banking services. It operates independently under professional management with strategic support from the Board and the parent company. The company aims to raise the industry standard by incorporating best practices in capital market activities and embrace modern technologies to augment the way products and services are offered to its customers.

Current Position:

The company is actively involved in Portfolio Management Services of high net-worth individuals apart from day-to-day activities related to Registrar to Share Services. At present, we are providing RTS services to the following companies/fund:


  1.    Laxmi Bank Limited

  2.    Laxmi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited

  3.    Laxmi Value Fund I. 

  4.    Laxmi Equity Fund

  5.    Union Hydropower Company Limited

Laxmi Capital Market Limited at the capacity of the Issue Manager has successfully completed/appointed as the issue management of following issues pertaining to respective companies:

                                  Completed Issue managements

S.No.        Company                                                              Securities

1               NMB Bank Limited                                             7% Debenture
2               Premier Insurance Company Limited                  1:1.15 Right Issue
3               Himalayan Bank Limited                                     7:1 Right Issue
4               Surya Life Insurance Company Limited              4:1 Right Issue
5               NMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited       1:1.2 Right Issue
6               Siddhartha Bank Limited                                     4:1 Right Issue
7               Siddhartha Bank Limited                                     10:3 Right Issue
8               Siddhartha Bank Limited                                     10:1 Right  Issue
9               Siddhartha Insurance Limited                              4:1 Right Issue
10             Laxmi Value Fund I                                              Initial Public Offering (NPR 500 million)
11             Laxmi Equity Fund                                               Initial Public Offering (NPR 1.25 billion)
12             Butwal Power Company Limited                         Further Public Offering
13             Civil Bank Limited                                               10:4 Right Issue
14             Green Development Bank Limited                       1:4 Right Issue
15             Union Hydropower Private Limited                     Initial Public Offer (NPR 250 million)
16             Gurans Life Insurance Company Limited            2:1 Right Issue
17             Himalayan Bank Limited                                     10% Debenture

Further, various companies are being approached for services like Issue Management and Registrar to Shares as well as Dividend Warrant distribution and further Public Issue, mainly Right Issue. Apart from this, prospective companies for the fresh issuance of Debentures, Under writings, etc. are also done on a regular basis.
Legal Status:
Laxmi Capital Market Limited is a company registered under the Company Act, 2063 with the objective of engaging itself in Merchant Banking activities. It was registered with the Company Registrar’s Office on 2066/02/07. The present capital structure of the companyis as follows:

Authorized Capital                  Rs. 300.00 Mil.

Issued Capital                         Rs. 300.00 Mil.

Paid-up Capital                       Rs.  270.00 Mil.

Shareholder:                           100% owned by Laxmi Bank Ltd.